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For Boys and Girls 8-14

Victory Boxing classes are non-contact.

Sparring class is held on Saturday for those who wish to attend.

Our Kids Boxing and Kickboxing classes teach children to listen and follow directions, always do their best and to have fun. Classes are taught by qualified instructors consisting of technique instruction and conditioning drills.

Children will be taught the basics of boxing including stance, footwork, punching combinations and how to use boxing equipment such as focus mitts and punching bags. They will practice a wide range of boxing drills (with no sparring except our Saturday class). Classes also include bodyweight and strength conditioning exercises that will greatly improve their physical conditioning.

Children will be broken into groups based on age and skill level to insure they have a great experience.

Boxing For Fitness Benefits:

       Develops focus and teaches respect
       Improves discipline and confidence

Flexibility and coordination

       Self defense skills

       Aerobic conditioning

       Strength development

       Conditioning for school sports

      Getting  Started Your Child Needs

      Shorts T-shirt  and tennis shoes

      Boxing gloves and hand wraps  (we have them in stock)

      Water bottle and sweat towel

      Attend any of our classes 2x a week for $100/Month
      or Unlimited Boxing/Kickboxing Classes for $140/Month
     All kids must have the approved sparring equipment to
                participate in the Saturday sparring class

                 UNLIMITED STARTER KIT $250 
   Gloves, wraps, trunks, jump rope, tank top, mouth piece
                    * includes first month dues*

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