"The Health and Fitness Club Alternative

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Short of debilitating health issues, being overweight and out of shape is a matter of diet, exercise and making your health a priority.

Investing in personal training (and yes I mean investing) is an investment for your life making you healthier, stronger and more energetic.

Personal training now is far less expensive than heart doctors and nursing homes later.

If you are overweight, unhealthy, tired all the time and usually depressed about it all, then here's the program that you need
right now. We can motivate you and start changing your life, TODAY.  

We have several trainers who can work around your busy schedule and get you the results you want. It's not having time, but making time, to feel better and to get in shape. 

Boxing- Kickboxing- Self Defense 
1 Session a week $200/Month   
2 Sessions a week $400/Month 
3 Sessions a week $600/Month

add to any package unlimited classes for $100/Month 

Sessions are paid monthly through EFT or Paid in full w/ 3months minimum

                            Make the call.   

                                                                                                                       Andy Billups at 50  
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